One of the main things that have scared away potential SEO clients in the past has been the recurrence of a monthly SEO fee. The concept of developing a website is lost among many who don’t understand that is being done for their website. When an SEO company works on developing your website they are improving the depth and stature of your online reputation by connecting your company to the most relevant content and entities in your industry.

Analogy Number One: The Rat Race

There are a few analogies that come to mind when thinking about search engine optimization but the most prevalent is that of a race. Picture a group of company websites at the starting line of a race track. The gun shot fires and website take off running. There’s a website in first, second and third position and a few trailing close behind. Then there are the websites that haven’t started running yet….

Developing a website means we get them in the race. It doesn’t necessarily mean instant results, but it means doing exactly what needs to be done to match and surpass the level of development and optimization required to hold a top position.

Enhancing Online Presence

It’s been said a million times buy a million SEO’s “we enhance your online presence.” How does this happen and how is this good for my company?

Below is an example of a new website that is promoting urban beats and various equipment associated with making music: The only instance of its existence online began with its own URL. As it becomes more developed there have been more appearances online as you can see in the image below.

Two web development analogies to explain how SEO companies develop websites. is an example of a developing website.
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Analogy Number Two: The Party

Picture a bunch of websites mingling at a giant party that fills an entire five football stadiums. After a good long night, each website will have made connections and introduced themselves and gained a little notoriety for what they offer.

After a week, a month, a year of attending this party it’s only inevitable that your website will become known by many for exactly what you offer. There is a good chance that if someone were to ask where they can find a website with the services you offer, that others would point in your direction. The number of connections you make builds a network that leads back to your website.

When a new website attends the party, no one knows what they offer. They are competing against websites that have been making connections for much longer periods of time. Web development speeds up the process of making connections in the right places. This is how your website become known for what it offers in your industry.

When an SEO company develops a website it’s the process of establishing as many connections as possible. It reinforces the idea of what your website offers in as many places as possible as contributing evidence of what you do. The race is never over so in a competitive market, once you stop running, someone is catching up and others are taking off. The party will continue to go on without you.

An SEO company improves your authority by developing your website. Established connections and networks are reinforced by providing useful content not only on your site but on other pertinent websites that have already established authority.